Omaha’s Trusted Choice for Concrete Services

Omaha’s Trusted Choice for Concrete Services

About Midwest Poured Walls, Inc.

Midwest Poured Walls, Inc. was started in 2002 by Neil Hoebelheinrich and his stepfather. In 2012, his step-dad stepped down and Steve came in as Neil's new partner. After working in foundation and construction during his younger years, he felt that he could bring experience and quality of service to the Omaha area in the form of a contracting service. Now, Midwest Poured Walls is one of the most trusted and experienced concrete contractors in Nebraska.

Our company specializes in concrete foundations, including poured walls, footings and concrete walls. Just like the concrete we pour, our team of professionals is strong and hardworking. We also provide great support for our customers throughout the process.

Neil and Steve make sure to keep up with the latest technology and techniques used to provide foundational materials for commercial and residential projects. Because our team is so efficient, our savings are passed on to you. We’ve all but perfected the process, making it a quicker and more efficient endeavor for all parties involved.

That being said – the quality of our work takes top priority. We’ll make sure to meet all of your design specifications and other requirements to see that your building has a solid foundation.

Don’t overlook the importance of having a quality foundation for your next project. Choose a team that focuses on precision, accuracy and efficiency. Contact Midwest Poured Walls of Gretna, NE today for your free estimate.